Sư Huynh Trúng Tà – Châu Tinh Trì

Sư Huynh Trúng Tà – Châu Tinh Trì

One night when two police officers patrol on the street to catch gang , drug and robbery around the town , and they heard radio from the dispatch calling them about a big drug factory near their patrol location . and they have to respond immediately . but at the time they arrived to the location . and they just found an empty warehouse . so his partner decided to leave and he has to go home to have a dinner with his daughter , on his way home . he doesn’t feel uncomfortable leave his partner behind , because he thought in his mind , if his partner find drug factory and he could not handle by himself , because every drug factory has at least 100 person works there and every one have carry a short gun when they work in the factory . so he came back to see his partner. but when his car arrived at the location he left early just couple minutes ago . little bit too late , because his partner already dead by the gun man in the factory killed him and they wait for his car arrived so they can throw his partner body over his windshield that make him so surprise and shock because he can’t believe his partner just couple minuter ago still patrol with him , they are talking about making bet and horse racing and now he is dead . but reality is sometimes he has except with it .
Now talking about his partner when he is dead and from heaven waiting for his turn to see the judge and he read a newspaper about , The CID officer own of money to mafia with high interest and he has no money to pay back to them now he wad dead and he went to heaven . but when he was there he has to see a judge also did ask him why he died . and how he got here . and he told the judge about the story he was killed by group of drug dealer at the factory and when he has a cop and he tell the job when we are working the same system and pay the judge some cash to get a change back to life find out who kill him and who behind all the killing so many years when he a cops . The judge told him . the only way he can come back . he needs to find his soul mates . and only soul mates can help him to find the killer ,but where he can find his soul mates he ask the judge and the judge told him his soul mates at police training station . and the only person was his soul mate is Steven Chow ,and story and getting interesting between him and his soul mates and they see each others ……. ?






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